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About us


Cobaltboards provide complete Nex Generation video solutions & production ready reference boards based on Renesas Processors.

We provide end to end solutions for camera OEMs, companies, developers, tech enthusiasts, hobbyists, engineers seeking full product development support from a single source, enabling them to shorten time-to- market, reduce development costs and avoid substantial design risk in bringing products to market.

Cobaltboards is a solutions sales portal of VVDN Technologies, a leading ODM company that has built close partnerships with product design services having world class experience in developing high end embedded solutions. Our expertise spans across the entire embedded product design cycle – from specifications to design and development, OS porting, device driver development and optimization, application development and moulds/plastics.

VVDN and Renesas teamed up to provide video based solutions which are cost effective and help speed your design making the way for next generation products in order to suit for the Home & office Automation, low power general embedded devices, Industries, IOT gateways, Healthcare devices, Network & high vision camera, and video intensive applications.

Why Cobaltboards

  • Competitive & transparent pricing
  • Robust quality assurance