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  • Cobalt RZ/G1E SOM Development Kit

Cobalt RZ/G1E SOM Development Kit contain Cobalt RZ/G1E SOM mounted on Development board. 

The Cobalt RZ/G1E SOM is an Off-the-shelf single board computer that includes all the core components of a common PC. The SOM can be mounted on an application specific designs carrier board. The SOM is plugged into the SODIMM connector on carrier board to spread out its interfaces to RJ45 connector/Magnetics, Audio Codec, USB connectors for OTG and Host, LCD display connector, CMOS sensor connectors.
The carrier board of the Cobalt RZ/G1E SOM is ideal not only as the reference for the customer to develop its own custom board but also as a cost-effective solution for production.

Cobalt RZ/G1E SOM Development Kit

  • Product Code: 901-1-00189
  • Price : $550.00

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